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Greenhouse construction, build greenhouses for vegetables



Greenhouse construction, build greenhouses for vegetables

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Recently, the province of alternating cold and warm air frequently, there have been many days of rainy weather
Recently, the province of alternating cold and warm air frequently, there have been many days of rainy weather, which gives greenhouse vegetable production caused varying degrees of impact. Now after severe weather vegetables management techniques are described below:
If the light management after Lianyin rain and snow weather turned fine, to make a gradual plants see light gradually warming process. When the sun came out, opened the grass thatch, farmers do not leave the greenhouse, always pay attention to changes in the plant. After illumination, the greenhouse temperature rises rapidly, increasing transpiration, low temperature, weak root absorption, absorption and transpiration imbalance, cause leaf wilting, severe, due to physiological drought plant death. When the plant was found to occur before wilting, should be promptly put down grass thatch, or put a spacer of a grass thatch, to several days, until the plants grew normally, and then put the sheet according to the normal temperature. These two methods are called thatch cover and back cover flower thatch.
Management of water and fertilizer has caused cold damage vegetables before exposing thatch sunny day, you can be first in spraying water to warm slowly. After continuous rain snow, severe wilting, the plants stop growing, the plants must be adjusted nutrition available exogenous plant hormone spray to promote branching. For the restoration of the greenhouse, physical abilities greenhouse vegetables, melons and eggplant in order to use nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer three elements of appropriate, leafy vegetables should be sprayed with 1% to 2% aqueous solution of urea, root vegetables can spraying 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 1% aqueous solution of potassium sulfate. Special attention should be is not rain snow spraying to avoid greenhouse humidity rises, induced disease.
After the weather cleared soil management, larger local humidity Row crop cultivators, breathable, increase in temperature, promote new root growth. As Root has chills, slow root in loose soil raised temperature after pouring a can of fertilizer in water, but water should I use ground water, cold water on the land can not avoid flood irrigation, after watering, cultivating timely release moisture. Dorsch fertilization bio-fertilizer, activation of the soil, increase soil organic matter, the soil becomes loose, increased permeability, and promote root development.
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